Liam Payne - URGENTLY Needed!

Slash and Smut… NC-17

Boyband One Direction have been working hard for over a year, but now they have fallen on hard times. Due to Simon Cowell’s record label going under and the huge amount of debt he is in, he has had to drop all his acts and TV shows to try and repay the people he owes money to. Now One Direction have moved back into the house they shared during their time on the X Factor, along with a few fellow acts and friends such as Dermot O’Leary, Frankie Cocozza, Olly Murs and the cast of The Only Way is Essex.

But they’ve moved in for a reason, and that reason being money. And sex. Gay sex. They have all agreed to take part in a sex show, where there will be cameras in every room to tape their sexual awakenings and stream them online for everyone in the world to see and really enjoy. The men are even slipped aphrodisiacs in their water and food supply to fill them with a constant state of arousal.

So will the guys only care about sex, or will relationships start to form?


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